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March 27, 2013     Ben Read    

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One game I’ve been playing for years in my ministry is Battle Ship, and Yes, it’s very similar to the board game.

In Battle Ship, students become the ships and targets. Laying flat on their back, they have to throw a volleyball/dodgeball over a middle barrier and hit the other team’s “battle ships.” When a player has been hit 3 times, they are out of the game. Last team with a remaining ship wins.

To play, divide your group into two evenly numbered teams, and then divide the room in half with something that will block one team from seeing the other completely.For us, we use those screen flex room dividers many churches have, but in the past we’ve done it with just sofa’s lined up in a row. Sometimes we’ve had to place tarps or blankets at the base of the couches or moving walls so there could be no peeking.

Give the teams about 30 seconds to get into position. They will need to lay flat on their backs at least an arm’s length away from the divider, and you’ll need to set a back boundary based on the size of your group. Just keep in mind that students will be throwing from a laying down position, so too far back isn’t a good idea.

Once both teams are in position, Battle begins. Each player gets three hits before they have to leave the floor, and then they just stand on the back border of their side to keep the ball in the area.

For quicker game play or for groups with more than 25, use multiple balls at the same time. This works best when you have all the balls on the same side fire at the same time, so you can keep track of “hits” easier.

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  1. Allen Posey

    we played this at camp last year instead of dodgeball we used water balloons, great game to play

  2. Joe

    Playing this tonight with our Junior Highers! Sometimes you can hardly see the temptation coming…

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