That New Guy #1 : An Easy Win

February 27, 2012     Austin Walker    

One of the big parts of my ministry is on-campus relationships with students!  Our school system is incredibly open to me being on campus for lunches, student-lead clubs, and anything else.  I try to spend 1-2 lunches per week on campus, hanging out with whoever I find.  I either sit with students, or teach in one of the on campus clubs during lunches.

Fast forward to today.  I had to have a conversation* with someone on our volunteer team that I wasn’t super excited about having, thanks to my harmonizer rankings* (*two blog posts that you’ll see later in the That New Guy series).  Add to that it was on my off day, and my wife was leaving town for a conference for the weekend, AND the rest of my day would be full of tax preparations and writing this blog post.  What does that amount to?  Needing to do something that would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!  So, I picked up 4 dozen donuts.  2 dozen glazed, 2 dozen chocolate.  America’s classic breakfast anyone?  I went to the high school’s office with 2 dozen of those cupcakes.  “Hey Austin, what are you up to?”  The front desk lady had a daughter in the youth ministry under the old pastor.  “Well, I just wanted to bring these donuts to you as a way of saying that I appreciate what you do and to wish you a happy Friday!  You’re in charge of the donuts.  You can eat them all, you can share them in here, you can share them with the main office, whatever you want.  I just wanted to show y’all some love.”  And I left.

Next stop?  One of the Junior High Schools in my town, where I’d been several times in the past couple weeks.  Different school, same routine.  “Hey y’all!  No, I’m not speaking, I just wanted to give these to y’all and say thank you for everything you all do!  Happy Friday!” and I walked out.

I’ve been getting texts, tweets, and Facebook notices all morning from office staff thanking me for the kind thought!  Like I’d dropped off an iPhone for every person or something!

48 donuts.  Costed me about 30 bucks, give or take, out of my budget, and it absolutely made the day of countless administration employees that have an often times thankless job.  Does that bring new students to my ministry?  Probably not.  Does it increase my budget?  Opposite.  But I don’t know the “spiritual wellbeing” or “church background” of many of the people in that office.  Hopefully, thanks to this morning, they now have at least one positive memory of someone who publicly represents the church!  We’ll see if there’s any results after, but it was a great way to make sure I encouraged someone in their life for today!

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  1. Keith Parker

    Good call Austin. Youth Ministers need to know the power of having great relationships with the school administrators and staff. We all want the same thing generally speaking – for students to grow in maturity. Better to work with them than against them.

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